Danforth Graffitti

Media: Firealpaca digital painting on a photograph
A Starbucks on Danforth Avenue (by Pape if I remember correctly) with a greek cuisine twist.
I wanted this piece to reflect having Greek restaurant food that tastes so close to homemade Greek food and how the Danforth is such a tightknit community of food. Food. Can you tell I’m a food lover?
If you wanted to do a mini challenge and try all of these foods they’re Feta, Apricots, Cucumber slices, Souvlaki, Taramousalata* and of course Saganaki in the pan.
(* Taramousalata is a cod roe spread made to be put on pita like hummus. I also recommend putting it on torn baguette pieces or twelve grain bread. One of my friends has aptly nicknamed that combo “sushi bread” because it has a very light fish taste.)
Selected and exhibited in OCADU’s FIRST IMPRESSIONS 2014 Art show.

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