“The most important thing to me is making stories that i’d want to read.”

KAHBbie (Konstantina A.H. Bakoussis) is an illustrator, Author and comic artist born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. As a typical diverse Canadian, Kahbbie’s background holds an influence over the subject matter of her work, with much of it rooted in Greek mythology and lore. Working primarily in digital or hybrid media, Kahbbie is meticulous in her step by step process of ideation and visualization.

Kahbbie is a story teller, focusing her career on self-publishing books and graphic novels. She has also been a frequent contributor of the online comics community.

Taking inspiration from her humorous personal world, many of Kahbbie’s narratives are based on comical experiences with family, friends and eccentric pets. Light hearted humour and captivating stories are integral to Kahbbie’s work.