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I Choose Darkness

Illustration of Tobias and Leila, book characters from The Savior's Champion by Jenna Moreci in the style of Gustav Klimt's painting The Kiss

Media: Procreate

One of the winners of the The Savior’s Series Fan Art Contest!

I adore Tobias and Leila from The Savior’s Champion & The Savior’s Sister, both books are amazing and I highly recommend them if you love a sweet healthy romance and Greco-Roman inspired world with lotsa violence.

Even though I’d already entered in The Savior’s Prom piece working on it I was inspired by fellow winner Leftysaurus’ amazing Mucha inspired Tobias and Leila piece to also do a recreation of a classical painting with this sweet murdery couple and “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt was in fact too fitting.

I had so much fun sneaking hidden symbolism in this one, especially in the flowers and plants and of course the title.

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