Media: Procreate on the iPad

There’s been an art challenge called K.K. Slider Album Cover Redraws going around of redrawing album covers from musicians and bands in the real world to feature everyone’s favourite Animal Crossing musician – K.K. Slider.

(You can read more about it here and here– there’s a lot of great renditions out there)

And when I saw everyone else’s fabulous renditions a certain album cover came to mind that I had a feeling hadn’t been done yet.

Beacon by the Two Door Cinema Club:

Funny enough I actually once found this cover on a list of worst album covers – and while yes I agree that it’s salacious for no good reason, it is both very funny to me (a play on the famous leg lamp if you will, I also do love those) and it is also such a pretty cover composition and colour wise! It’s so pleasing to the eye!

I had a ton of fun redrawing all those lovely draping folds of the dress/ceiling with K.K., the very prolific musician that he is.

My favourite track off Beacon is Next Year and my favourite K.K. track is K.K. Disco, and one of my friends and I got real into attending K.K. concerts in his village in 2020 (in Animal Crossing New Leaf).

Also I could not resist making the trend funny with his lil butt!

But hey, now if you ever see this album cover in the wild, I hope you’ll remember this piece and imagine KK Slider in the lady’s place!