Media: Procreate

May you stay up too late huddled in blankets with your eyes glued to the screen as your favourite characters do a smooch and then ride off into the sunset in countless stories written by other fans who also wanted them to smooch.

I’m not someone who would consider myself an active fan in anything really – but I do like reading fanfic and the satisfaction of a happy ending for characters I like always warms my heart.

Also shout out to all the fanfic writers out there who pour their hearts into free work for people to read online – you’re the best! I hope you all get published someday! And if you’re reading this remember to comment nicely on the next fanfic you read and like – it’ll mean the world to the writer!

I’ve considered doing a big series of internet blessings as typography… but I only had two ideas for it (this one and “May you never accidentally read the comments“) so it ended shorter than I expected.