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  • KK slider beacon

    KK slider beacon

    Media: Procreate on the iPad There’s been an art challenge called K.K. Slider Album Cover Redraws going around of redrawing album covers from musicians and bands in the real world to feature everyone’s favourite Animal Crossing musician – K.K. Slider. (You can read more about…

  • Deep Sea Mermaid

    Deep Sea Mermaid

    Media: Pencil on Photoshop then Procreate A sequel to Ghost Girl and Dead Fish, she goes even deeper into the ocean, becoming a mermaid!

  • goldfishes


    Media: Pencil and Watercolour edited with Procreate a school project about moor goldfish, the prompt was this Nietzsche quote: The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes…

  • Here. Queer. Won’t Disappear

    Here. Queer. Won’t Disappear

    Media: Pencil sketch painted in Procreate. Coelacanths are a prehistoric fish that was believed to be extinct by white scientists only to be “rediscovered” by the white scientific community, but the native people of South Africa had been living alongside them peacefully for years with…

  • Boo and Luna the moon

    Boo and Luna the moon

    Media: Pencil sketch coloured digtially in Procreate It’s my lovely bunnies! Boo and Luna! My small sassy children! Working on this was super zen and lovely.