Tag: cute girls

  • Devilman Grassbaby

    Devilman Grassbaby

    Media: Procreate I keep coming back to Devilman Crybaby to draw fix the ending art. It hurt my soul.

  • Deep Sea Mermaid

    Deep Sea Mermaid

    Media: Pencil on Photoshop then Procreate A sequel to Ghost Girl and Dead Fish, she goes even deeper into the ocean, becoming a mermaid!

  • Eleven and Matilda

    Eleven and Matilda

    Media: Procreate on iPad Proloved working on this and pairing my childhood favorite strong child female character with my current favorite strong child female character. These two would be so cute together! Stranger things needs a Matilda cameo so I have an excuse to make…

  • Lesbians Untragic

    Lesbians Untragic

    Media: Pencil Sketch digitally painted with Procreate This started out as something I said to a friend and liked the phrase so much that I wrote it down to make art out of. Is it sad that San Junipero is the most recent pair of…

  • Red Tide: Overheating

    Red Tide: Overheating

    Media: Pencil sketch digitally painted in photoshop Eyyyy my illustration thesis for OCADU! Red Tide: Representing menstruation symptoms through mermaids to show how society dismisses menstruation as fairy-tale like. I redid this one during the thesis and I love it so much. I also think…