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  • Ace In More Ways Than One

    Ace In More Ways Than One

    Media: Procreate on the iPad A nod to all the Aces (Asexuals, Aromatnics, Grey Aces and more) for my LGBT Typography series, who are Aces in both excellence and attraction

  • Pansexual at the disco

    Pansexual at the disco

    Media: Procreate on the iPad Pansexuals! They’re everywhere! Even if you can’t tell by looking at them* they exist all around the world and are valid!(*it’s rude to assume someone’s sexuality by their looks anyway, don’t do that.)Part of my LGBT+ Typography series, and this…

  • Lesbian Witches

    Lesbian Witches

    Media: Procreate Oh to be a lesbian witch hanging out in the pastel kitchen of your house with your witchy girlfriend and your many…many odd cats. This piece was definitely me having fun putting little details into the piece and playing around with drawing interiors.Which…

  • My Type – Biromantic version

    My Type – Biromantic version

    Media: Procreate Part of my LGBT+ Typography series… but what could it be about? Is there a ~secret code~ hidden amongst this list? *wink wink nudge nudge* In all seriousness including the B in the LGBT+ for my series had been requested from the get…

  • Pan Pan Pan

    Pan Pan Pan

    Media: Procreate App on the iPad with Apple Pencil Part of my LGBT Typography series, this one was more an exercise in poetry than an art challenge. I knew right away how I wanted to make the “Pan Pan Pan” part and the “tastic, thusiastic,…

  • Live Love Uhaul

    Live Love Uhaul

    Media: Procreate & iPad/ Apple Pencil I felt that the saying “Live, Laugh, Love” wasn’t gay enough to put framed on the walls of my hypothetical house that I share with my hypothetical partner.