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  • Boo and Luna the moon

    Boo and Luna the moon

    Media: Pencil sketch coloured digtially in Procreate It’s my lovely bunnies! Boo and Luna! My small sassy children! Working on this was super zen and lovely.

  • Red Tide: Bloating

    Red Tide: Bloating

    Media: Pencil sketch digitally painted in photoshop Red Tide Oh man, this illustration thesis for OCADU? What? How did I do this much work and also so much other work? I did so much work it hurts to think about. Red Tide: Representing menstruation symptoms…

  • Red Tide: Acne

    Red Tide: Acne

    Pencil sketch digitally painted in photoshop Red Tide Eyyyy my illustration thesis for OCADU! Red Tide: Representing menstruation symptoms through mermaids to show how society dismisses menstruation as fairy-tale like. Acne is such a common symptom, and I love the idea of whale-sized mermaids. I…

  • Unidentified Flying Object

    Unidentified Flying Object

    Media: Pencil Sketch and digitally painted on Firealpaca It’s a squirrel! It’s a plane! Wait… that’s not how that works… But lookit him! So cute! So Fly! A cute little updated project.