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  • Ace In More Ways Than One

    Ace In More Ways Than One

    Media: Procreate on the iPad A nod to all the Aces (Asexuals, Aromatnics, Grey Aces and more) for my LGBT Typography series, who are Aces in both excellence and attraction

  • Pansexual at the disco

    Pansexual at the disco

    Media: Procreate on the iPad Pansexuals! They’re everywhere! Even if you can’t tell by looking at them* they exist all around the world and are valid!(*it’s rude to assume someone’s sexuality by their looks anyway, don’t do that.)Part of my LGBT+ Typography series, and this…

  • My Type – Biromantic version

    My Type – Biromantic version

    Media: Procreate Part of my LGBT+ Typography series… but what could it be about? Is there a ~secret code~ hidden amongst this list? *wink wink nudge nudge* In all seriousness including the B in the LGBT+ for my series had been requested from the get…

  • Pan Pan Pan

    Pan Pan Pan

    Media: Procreate App on the iPad with Apple Pencil Part of my LGBT Typography series, this one was more an exercise in poetry than an art challenge. I knew right away how I wanted to make the “Pan Pan Pan” part and the “tastic, thusiastic,…

  • Live Love Uhaul

    Live Love Uhaul

    Media: Procreate & iPad/ Apple Pencil I felt that the saying “Live, Laugh, Love” wasn’t gay enough to put framed on the walls of my hypothetical house that I share with my hypothetical partner.

  • So Campy

    So Campy

    Media: Sketch in Pencil, illustrated in the Procreate App on the iPad w/Apple Pencil For someone who has been out and involved in LGBT+ spaces since I was in high school I never really understood the term “campy” until very recently. I always wondered why…